Urban Regeneration Rebel Manifesto

The Urban Regeneration Rebel Manifesto was designed as a rallying cry to champion co-creation, new urbanism, alternative models of design and planning, the power of the share economy, next-gen sustainable design, and the art of collaborative city-making.

Conceived in the manner of the great turn-of-the-century manifestos, the document was punchy, direct, and deliberately ‘non-corporate’. It was designed to shake-up more ‘traditional’ modes of thinking and working within the bounds of a large corporation, to challenge people to act as changemakers, champions, and design agents across their suite of projects. It took inspiration from great urban thinkers, including Jane Jacobs and William Whyte, as well as today’s fast-evolving global creative and entrepreneurial communities.

The work resulted in a short, 20-page manifesto document, to be distributed ‘guerrilla style’ across the internal teams to surprise, challenge and inspire. It encouraged bold thinking: to dream, to desire, and to design for the sorts of workplaces, living zones, and play spaces that will actively create a positive future for our cities, our planet, and our way of life.